Integration Engineer

How can Field Engineer Help?
Field Engineer is a global marketplace of engineering talent that benefits both freelancers and businesses.

As a freelancer, you’ll be connected with thousands of businesses around the world that will be more than happy to offer you integration work no matter where you are. Whether it’s giving technical direction to your clients or developing specifications, you’ll experience a varied workload with Field Engineer. You’ll be able to build your personal brand as well as network with multiple businesses around the world to boost your earning potential.

As a business, you’ll find many integration engineers all over the world that are ready to tackle on-site jobs overseas. All engineers of Field Engineer are vetted and certified, meaning you’ll have peace of mind when hiring an integration engineer from us and you’ll find that a freelancer can be more affordable than a full-time employee.
An integration engineer is responsible for developing solutions that an organization needs. The solution itself can be very vague and will depend on a number of factors such as what the industry the organization is in. This can vary from creating custom software for a specific need to developing custom hardware and machinery.
Integration Engineer

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